If diving is your passion and you've always dreamed of capturing the mesmerizing underwater realm, look no further than our GoMEDIA Program! We've meticulously designed a series of courses to suit every diving and photography aficionado. With a rich variety of wildlife to accompany your adventure and top-tier instruction to guide you, this program is crafted to fuel your underwater exploration and photography journey.


Options that work around your interest and experience level!

Spanning a full day, this intensive course includes a theoretical session followed by two practical dives, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Delve into the fundamentals of underwater photography covering essential topics like lighting techniques, framing, manual settings, understanding image file types, and mastering camera housings. Despite its compact duration, this course is packed with invaluable insights and hands-on experience, setting the foundation for your underwater photography adventures.

Embark on a journey into the art of editing with our one-day Editing Workshop, tailored specifically for underwater images. Utilizing the powerful tools of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, this workshop unveils the nuanced techniques essential for bringing underwater captures to life. It's important to remember that half of the magic in underwater photography unfolds in the editing room. Through a hands-on approach, you'll explore the core editing skills required to enhance and refine your underwater imagery, turning fleeting underwater moments into timeless visual treasures.

Dive into a half-day buoyancy mastery experience with our "Buoyancy with Pro Equipment" course, encompassing two dives. This course is meticulously designed to teach you the finesse of buoyancy while handling professional camera equipment underwater. Learn the technique of backfinning for seamless maneuvering, along with respectful approaches to corals to prevent any harm. Handling professional gear while maintaining buoyancy is an art, and this course provides the perfect platform to hone these crucial skills, ensuring you're well-equipped to capture the underwater world without leaving a trace.

Embark on a full-day expedition into the realm of marine life with our "Fish Tracking & Behavior" course. The day comprises an enlightening classroom session followed by two dives, designed to marry theory with practical experience. Discover the significance of fish tracking and engage in hands-on practice while diving. The course emphasizes conducting tracking activities safely and respectfully to ensure the well-being of the marine ecosystem. By mastering these essential skills, you'll open the door to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the underwater world, enhancing your diving adventures as you responsibly interact with aquatic life.

Dive deep into the realm of professional underwater photography with our comprehensive "Professional UW Photography" course, spanning 5 to 6 days and including 10 dives. This intensive program encapsulates all the a la carte items and ventures beyond, offering a thorough exploration of underwater photography techniques and principles. The learning doesn't end with the dives; you'll receive an additional month of post-course mentorship to support and guide you further on your photography journey. This mentorship aims to address any questions and refine your skills, ensuring you are adeptly equipped to pursue underwater photography, whether for personal satisfaction or professional endeavors. Your journey towards mastering the underwater lens begins and extends beyond this extensive course, providing a robust foundation and ongoing support for your photographic aspirations.