About Us
Utila Dive Centre was one of the first dive centers on Utila, established in 1991 making us just 28 years ‘young’.

And today we are the most established, reputable and referred dive center on Utila, founded and managed by several diving enthusiasts and PADI Instructors who after traveling throughout Central America and the Caribbean, who wanted to offer diving in a professional, safe and enjoyable manner to travelers visiting Utila. Since then Utila Dive Centre has evolved and grown to become a full service dive operation, catering to beginners, professional interns, environmentalist, technical divers and resort divers.  Our dive center is complimented with a beautiful hotel the Mango Inn complete with swimming pool, we have probably trained more scuba divers than any other dive facility in the Bay Islands and Caribbean and are one of the most awarded PADI Career Development Centers worldwide, and after reading this section you’ll enjoy why!

At Utila Dive Centre we collaborate with the Divers Alert Network, PADI, Project Aware and the Utila Coral Restoration Project and Stream2Sea to improve and educate divers about marine conservation, safety and having a great and fun time underwater, and since 2002 we have held the rating of a PADI Career Development Center, only a few facilities worldwide have earned this coveted rating from PADI and a handful in Latin/Central America.  We’re proud to say we’re the most popular and successful PADI CDC in Central America. Not only do we train divers from beginner to Instructor, but we have Instructor level continuing education courses (Specialty Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, IDC Staff Instructor) and internships that add real value to your training with us.

Many of our staff are also active explorers, technical divers and environmentalists, and we offer technical dive training from both PADI and IANTD, the two most respected agencies in technical diver training, including closed circuit rebreather diving, all to Instructor level.

At the Utila Dive Center, our complete team of staff, from the management to our housekeeping, and Instructors, Divemasters, Boat Captains, Biologists, and support staff are committed and dedicated to providing our divers and students with the highest quality scuba diving experiences with an emphasis on education, conservation, professionalism and fun!  We are principally a dedicated team of active divers and professionals (we believe the most qualified and active worldwide), and we all still continue our own dive education each year, and really take our mentorship and role-modeling seriously and we measure our success not by financials, numbers or pass rates, but by how much our divers enjoy their experience and excel beyond their training.

There is no other facility in Utila, Honduras or elsewhere in Central America that has such a combination of experience, expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm. We aim to provide our divers and students with more than just diver education, and that is what makes our team so successful. We are on the cutting edge of training and conservation and set the standard for many dive operations and professionals in the region.  All our Instructors practice what they preach, whether it is good diving, conservation, having a fun time both above and below the water, and all our staff even take time out of teaching each year to travel, explore and advance their own training, that’s partly why they love their jobs, in addition to diving with you!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert diver, or seeking professional/technical dive training, we will show you why Utila Dive Centre has been so successful in raising the quality of dive training worldwide.

We are often imitated but never surpassed. At Utila Dive Centre, diving is our business – but first and foremost, it is our passion and we’re privileged to be able to share this with you. All of our team invites you to come to Utila and dive with us.