Tim McDade

Hello! My name is Tim McDade . I’m a PADI Divemaster from Torrance, California. I’ve had a deep connection to the ocean and its inhabitants my whole life. My grandmother enrolled me into the “Sea Ranger” program at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, California for my 11th birthday where I attended the Junior Marine Biology program. I’d stand by the pacific kelp forest, my favorite exhibit in the aquarium, talking to people about the animals.

I would also take surveys of local tide pools and sometimes lead tours. My instructors were scuba divers who would share their amazing underwater photos and tell stories of their adventures. They would frequently organize local beach cleanups and they would gather garbage underwater while I scoured the beaches picking up thousands of cigarette butts and other garbage along the shore. It was then I realized how critical the ocean pollution problem really was. After 4 years in the program, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a badass, scuba diving, guardian-of-the-ocean; just like my instructors.

In 2005, my life dramatically changed forever though. My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer then passed away shortly after. I was heartbroken and I wanted to be anywhere except California. I moved all over the place then eventually to Albany, New York where I found a job as a sailboat builder. In Albany I had my first experience breathing underwater. I would use a “hookah hose” and regulator attached to an old compressor to inspect the bottom of boats that ran aground . Even in the murky ,slimy ,cold water of the Hudson, I loved being underwater. After 6 years of exploration I missed home and I returned to the Pacific Coast.

Right after moving home, I signed up for an OW class where I met the most wonderful and like- minded people. My life was leading me head-first into my childhood dream. On the first day of class I met Khrystyna (the instructor) and Danya (the DM). They saw my passion and hardworking mentality and invited me into their “bubble of divers”.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

After tons of hardwork and dedication ,I became a PADI Divemaster with 230 dives in January 2019. Besides having the time of my life, setting Dive floats, working the swim step and being a gear hauling-tank monkey with my best friends as co-workers. I’ve had the pleasure of helping build 100+ of new divers. Due to my passion for diving, I’ve assisted in 30+ Open water classes, AOW and rescue classes. That amounts 157 new certifieded ocean ambassadors to protect our oceans !
Ive led over 100 dives this past year for my local dive shop Pacific Wilderness (free guided dives to the public). Bringing in new customers for the shop which helps them sell more gear, sell further dive education and book dive trips. These dives help bridge the gap between new divers and experienced divers, keeping new Divers in the water, bringing people together while creating new connections. I make sure to invite EVERYONE I meet into our Bubble family in-turn Expanding the dive community. The photo I submitted was one of those guided dives. We were out on an Advanced night dive to the “Bad Wolf” sailboat wreck at 90′ off the Redondo beach pier in California. Yes ,that is a pink dive bunny in our group.
California can have some very challenging dive conditions, especially for a new diver, so I do my best at making them feel welcome while continually helping build their skills. I love helping people overcome their fear, anxiety, and timidity and turning it into courage, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. I strive to build strong confident divers, both physically and mentally; In and out of the water. People protect what they love and by sharing my knowledge, I’ve helped to kindle peoples’ passion for diving into a passion for conservation. Experiencing peoples’ joy and wonder the first time they dive into our underwater world is what motivates me to keep teaching. Knowing that I helped someone overcome their fear or was able to provide the confidence and knowledge for them to keep diving will continue to push me forward in my dive career. I am living my dream. The Instructor Development course is the next stop for me, and I look forward to the opportunity of sharing it with you in UTILA!

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