Sapphire Bennett

My name is Sapphire Bennett, 21 from the UK but now live in Australia. I have been diving since the age of 10 with over 150 logged dives. I wanted to dive from the age of 8, however due to the dive restrictions I was unable to. So as soon as I reached 10, my mum put me forward for my junior open water course in Turkey. I was lucky enough at the time to be diving with one of the oldest scuba divers, which helped me to realise at a young age this can be a passion of mine for the rest of my life. Ever since I have worked my way up the Padi ranking and have dived in in over 15 different countries as I am just as committed to diving as I am travelling but at the same time trying to keep my carbon footprint low and making up for it in the oceans and seas.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

I try to keep the oceans clean by diving with a net bag attached to me during dives. I mainly keep an eye out for trash, especially floating bags that can unfortunately be mistake as jelly fish by the sea turtles. I became vegetarian and stopped eating fish 3 years ago, as I am a huge fanatic when it comes to scuba diving and I want my Great Great Grandchildren, to be able to explore a beautiful coral jungle one day rather than rusty dead coral that I am starting to see more often than not. I have worked my way up the padi ranks, so at some point I can hopefully get the chance to work along side, David Vaughan and his coral growth program. On my dives I love to see coral thriving, which I find more exciting than some of the sea life at times as of course the coral is so important, to the sea life and is a major part of our eco system. I don’t wear sun cream, before going in for a dive or even a swim and don’t clean my mask in the water, with anything I do this all before my dive or just use the natural spit and wipe technique haha. When I do dive and see beautiful shells, I now leave them where they belong rather than stashing them in my pockets and keeping them as trophy items, I believe everything in the sea should be kept there, as I have got older and learnt more about the seas and oceans. In my house hold, I find products that are eco friendly, when it comes to doing my washing and cleaning dishes, as I live close to the beach I know some of the old houses, I have lived in have a pipe running straight to the sea. When I was in the Philippines, I accidentally got myself into a locals boat and the captain and his crew were throwing their cigarettes into the sea, I asked them to collect bottles, they see from the sea and use them as an ashtray and send me a picture when it is full and when I go back I promised we would all go for pizza, which they chose as their reward. I try and teach people without boring them to death with words, just by doing the actions myself and more often than not they follow, the small steps I take to trying to make the oceans a safer, cleaner and better place for everyone and everything.

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