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Utila Dive Center offers the opportunity to do Recreational Fun Diving!

We have a fully equipped diving boat exclusively for fun divers and a special Resort Room so you can safely store all your gear separately from instructors and students. We go to the north side every day in the morning and the boat is never crowded. Your guides are two highly experienced instructors, Mary & Brooklyn, that have a vast knowledge of Utila’s hidden underwater secrets and can also instruct you on specialties like night dive, underwater photography, deep diving and more.

Fees for Fun Dives:

  • $35 per tank + $3 reef fee (per day you dive)

  • Night Dives are $70 (scheduled upon demand)

If you do 10 dives total then you get a special fee of $32 per tank and a 20% discount on accommodation.

Or, you can choose one of the all inclusive packages we offer:

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Common to see around the Bay Islands of Honduras. If our Captains spot them, you’ll get an opportunity to snorkel with these beautiful, gentle giants of the sea!