Ronja Frosch

I am a 20 year old dive master from switzerland. I first started to dive in new zealand bur didn‘t end up liking it because my instructor couldn‘t really show me why diving was so special. I later decided to give diving another do my AOW in egypt. I ended up loving the underwater world and was set on going diving after finishing my apprentice ship. I decided to volunteer at a marine conservation project in madagascar for 7 weeks. I ended up staying for 5 months and working there as a marine intern. I did my rescue and my dive master as well. Right now i am back home working for an insurance but my dream is it to at some point do my IDC and work in diving and show people why I love it so much!

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

When I started as a volunteer with MRCI in Madagascar I barely knew anything about diving responsibly or marine conservation. I was an AOW with barely 15 dives. After studying benthic creatures I found my passion for them and got super excited every time i saw the simplest most common nudibranch. I was able to extend my stay and became a marine intern where I was able to do my DM and teach people about benthic and witness how they got excited about it too! Almost everyone left knowing a little bit more about our oceans and its creatures, wanting to do their part in trying to save it. I had an amazing team that taught me so much about diving in general and marine conservation.

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