Non-Certified to Staff Instructor


For non-certified divers we offer this Open Water to IDC Staff Instructor with EFR Instructor and MSDT package:

Time: 8-9 months, breaks can be arranged

Cost: $7469 with GoPro 4.0 promotion

PADI fees are included in quote of $7369 but the following fees are paid direct to PADI with credit card at time of application and not to Utila Dive Centre:

  • PADI Divemaster fee of $115
  • EFR Instructor fee of $110
  • PADI Instructor application and examination fees of $815
  • Specialty Instructor application fees and MSDT application fees of $415
  • IDC Staff Instructor application fee $120

We are also offering free diving on return visits after completing the DM and MSDT program (standard fee for equipment rental apply if needed).

Book online for amazing GoPro 2017 promotion and pay $7369, with savings of over $649 on individual course prices and no hidden extras, and get FREE PADI O2 Instructor course and IAHD-Americas Adaptive Instructor course (just add $227 for cert fee, manual and PADI Instructor fee), total savings of $1,199!!!

  • 14 night’s accommodation in Mango Inn Hotel

  • Log books

  • Certification Processing

  • RDP’s (Table and E-RDP ML version)

  • Rescue Pocket Mask

  • Course Manuals

  • 31 pre-DM dives at reduced rate of $217 (savings of over $868 on regular price of $70 for 2 dives)

  • Included PADI Distinctive Specialty Course

  • 2 Months Reef Fees

  • Free Diving on return visits after completing the DM program (standard fee for equipment rental apply if needed)