DAN Instructor program


  • For all recreational reservations we request a $200 dollar deposit + 6% PayPal fee = $212 (for professional training please contact us for reservations). This partial payment will ensure your accommodation (in a dorm at the Mango Inn), materials and course will be reserved for you when you arrive.
  • PayPal is one option for paying for your deposit or your entire bill online. For Hondurans, another is to make a deposit at a local Credomatic or Banco Atlantida bank branch within Honduras.
  • Either way you can pay for your course costs, accommodation and deposit using one of these methods prior to your visit to Utila. Please bear in mind there is an 4% surcharge on credit cards in Honduras.
  • For packages and some special offers, full payment must be completed prior to the start of the course.

Additional information


4-6 Days