Paulina Mena

I’m 32 years old, I’m SSI Dive Master but I would like participate because I found my passion in life and is diving. I really love the marine life and I try to learn everyday something new. And obviously I would like to win this because I want teach everything that I learned. Transfer knowledge for our future generations. I really would like an opportunity.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

In each dive that I have done where I see the sea is with garbage, I try to clean what I can to fill the bcd, but my contribution to the ocean is also terrestrial, the stop using plastics in my life has been considerable, the Recycling learning and my persuasion in my family, social and labor circles to convey the disuse of plastics and use of recycling is constant. Unfortunately, I am not working in the Marine world as I would like, because I discovered after my 30 years that this is my passion and I really want to be an instructor, and I am here in Australia with my work and holiday visa cleaning and saving money to be able to take the course. My family always told me that they saw me as a future teacher and I could never imagine doing math classes, languages, history, etc. and here life turned me to something I didn’t know and here it is! My family was right, the only thing I want is to continue learning to be able to teach diving in the future

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