Nick Gillingham

I am 25 , from wales.

I have worked as a chef for numerous years traveling around exploring the world but I have never been satisfied enough that my career is doing something beneficial for our planet and that being a chef is the best path for me to choose.

After finding diving and studying about the importance of our oceans and marine life I turned vegetarian and set my self a goal to turn my new love into a career and do all I can to have a positive effect on our planet.

Most of my dive training was completed in the uk , in cold water with bad visibility but I still loved every dive and loved the training! After diving in the Philippines and seeing the different diving that can be done i knew i wanted to progress my training to a higher level and I have now just completed my dive master in UDC ,and instructor is my next step !

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

I started diving around 3 years ago and I decided I wanted to pursue diving as a career so I can teach something I love and am passionate about, whilst spreading awareness, contributing something positive towards the planet as well as help encourage others to respect our oceans.

I am currently participating in two courses , coral nursery and lion fish containment course . I am learning about the issues we are facing with regards to our corals , whilst learning about the detrimental effect lion fish are having on our reefs so I am able to do something positive when diving , whether it be cleaning corals at the nursery , spearing lion fish to help reefs or photograph /video amazing moments to help show the beauty that lives in our oceans.
I am always on the hunt for rubbish whilst diving and I have participated in numerous ocean cleanups.
I created a facebook page to organise events and clean ups in the uk where we cleaned mass amounts of beaches and numerous dive sites.
I try to organise or clean at least one beach clean in each new place I travel, I also make videos to spread awareness and show the issues we are facing to help people understand.

My goal is to become an instructor and Once I have gained more experience in teaching and diving I would like to show images and videos I have documented along my journey and present them to schools and dive centres to help people understand how to make a positive change towards saving our oceans.
check out my video on UDC page to get an idea !


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