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Complete Poseidon MKSeven Instructor Training with Utila Dive Centre 


At Utila Dive Centre we are the only PADI Career Development Dive Center in the Americas to offer diver and Instructor level training on the PADI closed circuit rebreather programs. Get an edge on your professional career and specialize in teaching divers the PADI closed circuit rebreather program – enhance your employment potential, excitement in teaching, and earnings.

We have put together a complete package for PADI Instructors with no rebreather experience, that includes the PADI Rec Rebreather diver level course, 30 dives/hours on the unit, PADI Rec Rebreather Instructor course + course audit, all from just $3650 US and can be completed in 2 weeks!

For PADI Instructors this offers the perfect chance for you to advance your training, dive career and step into the future of recreational diving with our Poseidon and PADI rebreather Instructor classes.  The Utila Dive Centre is currently the only PADI Career Development Centre in Honduras, the Caribbean, and Americas to offer this training for recreational divers and upon qualification and certification you’ll be able to teach the following PADI recreational rebreather courses and experiences;

The next Instructor level programs will be scheduled for 2 weeks in January 2019 (student level from 19th to 21st, logging dives/hours 22nd to 28th and Instructor level 29th to 1st Feb), and then March (student level from 7th to 9th, logging dives/hours 10th to 16th and Instructor level 17th to 20th), plus our training can be customized based on current rebreather experience and the training costs includes course fees, manuals, unit rental, sofnolime, gases, boat spaces, dive package, Instructor course fee and audit!

PADI CCR Instructor course Rebreather Utila Caribbean Bay Islands Honduras

If you’d like to learn more about a professional dive career as an Rebreather Instructor on Utila, please contact PADI Course Director Andy Phillips on gopro@utiladivecenter.com for more information or us the contact form below.

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