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    What’s happening at UDC

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    What’s happening at UDC

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    What’s happening at UDC

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Congrats to our March Scuba Instructor Candidates


Next PADI IDC's 2017 - April 5th or May 10th!

PADI IDC, Utila, Honduras

Make your Summers endless! - Become a Scuba Instructor with our next PADI IDC's April 5th or May 10th!

Learn more about our new GoECO Program!

Here at UDC, we are passionate about the marine environment. As divers we are ambassadors of the aquatic realm and it is our duty to advocate marine conservation awareness. With that in mind, the GoEco program was created.

Excel your career with our specialized training.

PADI IDC, Utila, Honduras

Utila Dive Centre GoPro 6.0 Promotions - Limited availability each month

Now we give you more amazing reasons to GoPro with the most awarded PADI Career Development Center in the Americas, and nominated and voted #1 Instructor Development Center by PADI Americas and also best PADI IDC Center by Sport Diver UK.

New GOTec Internship Program

TEC Diving requires a great deal of practice, preparation and knowledge; it is a very unique aspect of the diving world that pushes the envelope for the whole industry. With that in mind, UDC is tremendously excited to offer our new GOTec Internships program, catered towards offering a more in-depth and richer learning experience in TEC diving.

PADI Freediving at Utila Dive Centre

Its with great excitement that we are introducing FREEDIVING at Utila Dive Centre in 2016!

Freediving is a popular sport that allows divers and non divers to connect with the ocean and other aquatic environments in a more natural and intimate setting, on just one breath. There are different categories of freediving that the PADI programs embrace that teach and allow you to develop your own personal limits by freediving deeper and staying longer at each level.

PADI Freediver course at Utila Dive Centre

Love takes a LEAP at UDC…

It was the couples’ dream to have a UDC reunion to celebrate their love.

Fun diving in Cayos Cochinos!

Cayos Cochinos is the perfect tropical getaway with spectacular diving, it has 13 small cays that host a friendly community that welcome tourists to their precious home.

November Tec Diving Fun!

November turned out to be one of our busiest tec months ever! We visited new dive sites, caught some Lionfish and welcomed to the world new certified tec divers and instructors!

Congratulations Tec Divers!

Next PADI Rebreather Instructor Courses - June/July

PADI, CCR, MKVI, Poseidon, rebreather instructor

At Utila Dive Center, we are the only PADI Career Dive Center in the Americas to offer diver and Instructor level training on the PADI closed circuit rebreather programs. Get an edge on your professional career and specialize in teaching divers the PADI closed circuit rebreather program - enhance your employment potential, excitement in teaching, and earnings.


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