New GOTec Internship Program

TEC Diving requires a great deal of practice, preparation and knowledge; it is a very unique aspect of the diving world that pushes the envelope for the whole industry. With that in mind, UDC is tremendously excited to offer our new GOTec Internships program, catered towards offering a more in-depth and richer learning experience in TEC diving.

As with all the courses and programs at UDC, the GOTec Internship program will offer a premier learning experience, led by some of the best TEC Divers in the industry in a safe and structured environment, always upholding the highest of standards.Through this extended course, you'll engage in a series of different subskills - Trimix, Equipment Specialist, Oxygen Provider, and others - with added mentorship and time to perfect what you've learned. 

We’ve designed a series of packages that feature instruction into different skills and all tailored to meet whatever experience level you may have; whether you are totally new to the specialty or a more experienced diver who would like to expand their knowledge, the GOTec Internship Program at UDC is the perfect way to get into TEC Diving. 

Pacakge details coming soon!

Contact us for more information.

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