Michael George

My name is Michael George. I am 27 years old, and I am from a small town in West Texas. I grew up far from the ocean, and I was almost twelve years old before I saw a body of water deeper than twenty feet. The sure power of the sea terrified me; I hated going on boats; in fact, going out on a dock used to make me feel uneasy. This all began to change back in 2008 when my parents forced me to take my open water course. I had a very patient instructor who helped me work through my many fears of the water. I did my first open water dives right here in Utila with Captain Morgan’s. Once I saw the fantastic reefs we have here, I quickly fell in love with these islands and scuba diving. I knew back then that I wanted to rise to the highest levels of PADI dive instructors. In 2012 I also did my divemaster here in Utila at Utopia!

My life, unfortunately, took a turn for the worst in 2016. I had multiple people I cared for died. I started suffering from major depression, and my life fell apart, and I essentially wasted two years of my life. Fortunately, I have a good friend who lives on the Cays who gave me the opportunity to move to the Cays and Dive at Utila Cays Divers. Returning to Utila and scuba diving helped me recover from my deep depression. Scuba diving changed my life completely two different times.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

Since I moved back to Utila back in 2018, I started volunteering for the Saving the Lobster Divers program. Where we provide local lobster divers free open water certifications to try to help them from getting bent and teaching them how to hunt for lionfish. So that they can help hunt lionfish on seamounts all around Utila year-round. I also do everything I can to volunteer to assist in every course that we have had. I love helping people to overcome some of the same fears I once struggled with in the past. I also try to be the best abassadiver by leading by example. Anytime I see trash, whether on land or in the sea, I try to pick it up and dispose of it appropriately. I also try to be a positive influence on none divers by taking every opportunity I can to correct misinformation about the ocean. For instance, many people I know back home want sharks to go extinct because they base all their beliefs about them on Jaws.
If I can become a dive instructor, I would, on top of continuing what I am currently doing, use my new abilities to reach even more people by trying to certify many of my friends and family back home. Then I would try to bring them down to Utila so that they may be able to see and appreciate our valuable and fragile marine environment.

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