Here at UDC, we are passionate about the marine environment. As divers we are ambassadors of the aquatic realm and it is our duty to advocate marine conservation awareness.

With that in mind, the GoEco program was created.

The program is designed to give you the training to actively participate and build experience in marine monitoring and data collection.

You have 3 options within GoEco:

  • Full GOECO 4 Week Program

    • Gain PADI AWARE and Distinctive Specialty Certifications
    • Gain training in reef monitoring surveys.
    • Participate in programs with ECO partners.
    • Collect and analyze your own data.
    • Safely contain invasive lionfish.
    • Attend lectures on important local marine species.
    • Take part in underwater and beach clean-ups.
  • MSD with Eco Focus

    • Get Certified in 5 Padi Specialties to work towards your Master Scuba Diver rating with an Eco Focus.
  • Single ECO Specialty Certification

    • Get certified in an individual PADI AWARE or Distinctive Specialty to expand your diving and ECO knowledge.

For More Information, please contact us at:

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