Ian Hastings

Hi im Nora but i would like to sign in my dad for this contest as a surprise because I’m 16 and dont have the dive master certificate. My dad and I have been diving in the red sea and the Mediterranean sea since i started at the age of 7 years old. He’s been diving a lot longer than I have and its a passion we both have in common but sadly we haven’t been able to do since a while as we now don’t live somewhere where we can properly dive.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

my dad is being the difference as a ‘dad girl’ which has giving me the passion and shown me how amazing the underwater sea world is. He’s so passionate of scuba diving that he even tells a lot of his work colleagues about it, spreading awareness that this activity exists and that its for everyone. I remember too when we both went diving many times in France and Saudi Arabia that each time he would see a bit of plastic or metal or any other toxic and harmful material, he would keep hold of it to put it in the bin and would tell me to do the same when i would ever see pollution. This man has made me love diving so much that I now actually want to become a Padi instructor when I’m an adult for a few years. He is making the difference by helping to remove toxic materials from our oceans and also by spreading the love of diving. He’s my dive buddy 🙂

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