Elliott Pendrous

Hi my name is Elliott Pendrous, I’m 24 years old and I’m from the UK. I’ve been diving for 12 years in the cold waters surrounding the UK (and occasionally the odd warm ones else where).

I decided to make diving my career at age 20 by joing the Royal Navy as a diver to make a positive change using my passion. And now I want to teach that to others. Me and my partner regularly dive (even outside of work!) Every chance we can get.

Diving is not only my career but my hobby. progressing into another branch of this sport to possibly introduce someone into this amazing environment is an unbelievably privileged opportunity.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

As a Royal Navy Clearance Diver we remove a range of hazardous ordnance, from state-of-the-art mines to World War Two devices within the marine environment making it safe for all other maritime water users to carry on there daily lives in safety.

Often were faced with active legacy ordinance throughout the world found by Civilian divers and fishermen. Removing this allows them to enjoy the marine environment without the danger of being injured.

As im planning on taking a sabbatical period in the coming year, I want to use my specialist skills to become an instructor and educate more individuals on how to safely enjoy the sport of diving.

After having the opportunity mostly through my career to dive In a variety of international sub aquatic environments I saw the struggle our oceans are facing from plastic, coral bleaching, tourism etc. That’s why I want to use my underwater construction skills to aid in reef fragmentation projects; using diving to create a positive impact.

I’d use my current expertise combined with the amazing opportunity of being a instructor to educate others on how to make a positive contribution by instilling good dive practices:

• Buoyancy
• Enviromental Awareness when diving.
• Equipment selection/set up
• Marine life appreciation
• Choosing the right dive guide
• Promote eco-tourism

I believe we can reduce the level of damage dive tourism causes in so many areas and instead have a direct positve impact on its rehabilitation for generations to enjoy.

I’d also like to document me journey from start to finish to allow others to have a better understanding of the process.

Cheers 🤙

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