• Here you are our courses in Utila Dive Center

    Often imitated, never surpassed!

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    From beginner to expert

  • Here you are our courses in Utila Dive Center


    Often imitated, never surpassed!


Utila Dive Centre can lead you through your Career in Diving and Scuba Education

As the premier PADI Career Development Center in the Caribbean and Central America, and also a 5 Star resort, we have the highest rating awarded to an Instructor Development Center and have been voted #1 Instructor Development Center in recent years by both PADI and Sport Diver (unprecedented!!). Our resident Course Directors and staff instructors can provide expert guidance and professional instruction from all levels, from beginner to technical Instructor, and we offer the broadest range of specialty training than any other facility in the Bay Islands, not just PADI programs but also technical diver training, sidemount, rebreather classes and marine ecology training, plus DAN programs.

Our Professional Philosophy

What Sets Us Apart

A Day in the Life of a PADI Pro


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PADI Professional courses

PADI Specialty Instructor courses and beyond

  • This 1 and a half day course trains you to conduct and certify divers and non-divers in the Emergency First Response program. The course teaches you how to conduct both primary and secondary care options including oxygen providing and 'automated external defibrillator' orientation.

  • PADI Eanx, Nitrox Instructor course

    Enroll in our PADI Nitrox Instructor course, only 1 day needed, and give your dive career a boost of O2 enriched air!

  • PADI, Gas Blender, Nitrox, Utila, course

    This program will allow you to teach different blending methodologies, explain the potential hazards related to handling oxygen and demonstrate the steps related to oxygen cleaning equipment. As demand for exotic technical diving gases continues to grow, increase your employment opportunities by qualifying to train DSAT Gas Blenders.

  • GoPro Utila, PADI MSDT, wreck specialty instructor course

    Qualify as a PADI 'Master Scuba Diver Trainer' and put more variety into your teaching and increasing your employability by enrolling in this program immediately after the PADI Instructor Exam and gaining practical experience and certifications.

  • PADI specialty Instructor courses, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

    Teaching specialty courses is rewarding, fun and allows you to convey your enthusiasm and interest in specialized diving activities to your students.

  • Build upon your foundation as a PADI Instructor and join the Instructor Development process. You'll benefit from taking your PADI IDC Staff Instructor course in one of the most successful PADI Career Development Centers in the world and learning from the most experienced PADI Course Directors in Central America and the Caribbean.

  • PADI MI, Master Instructor rating, Utila

    This rating is awarded to experienced dive instructors. Master Instructors have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the PADI system of diver education and is the highest recreational Instructor rating in the PADI system of diver education.  The MI rating is a prerequisite to become a PADI Course Director.

  • The Sidemount Instructor course will teach you how to supervise sidemount training and assemble scuba equipment so that the tank(s) are worn on the diver's sides instead of their back. This course is not just for technical divers and has many advantages for recreational divers and professionals!

Non-PADI Specialty Instructor courses

IYT International Yacht Training

  • These programs incorporate everything that a dive boat operator would be required to know from the moment the boat left the dock until its safe return to port and are an amazing compliment to our PADI Divemaster and Instructor training.

  • This program incorporates everything that a dive boat operator would be required to know from the moment the boat left the dock until its safe return to port and is an amazing compliment to our PADI Divemaster and Instructor courses.

  • Earning a Captains license is a great achievement for dive professionals, and is the beginning of a second career and professional qualification and enhances a dive professionals employability.

  • We are often asked what the difference is between IYT and the RYA and why should someone choose one over the other, here are some facts regarding the differences between IYT and RYA, as provided by IYT January 2013.

IAHD-Americas Dive Partner

Pro Course Packages (with Estimated Living Costs)

From / To Divemaster IDC / EFR Inst. IDC / EFRI /

7-8 weeks


Total: $4157 


6 ½ months


Total: $10,612

7-8 months



8 ½ - 9 months


Total: $14,675

Open Water $1833
6-7 weeks


Total: $3533

8 weeks


Total: $6163

9-13 weeks


Total: $8381

4 months



Advanced Open Water $1524
4-5 weeks


Total: $2524

7 weeks



8-12 weeks


Total: $7872

15 weeks


Total: $9641

Rescue $1212
2-4 weeks



6 weeks



7-11 weeks



14 weeks



Divemaster N/A $2975
2 weeks



3-7 weeks



10 weeks



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