PADI Tec Trimix Instructor Course

This 6 day program will develop your teaching and in-water supervision skills necessary to oversee and guide divers interested in this extreme kind of diving.

Upon enrolling in the PADI Tec Trimix Instructor course you’ll go through one of the most comprehensive Tec Instructor level courses under the PADI TecRec programs, guided by our in-house PADI Trimix Instructor Trainer. There are both prerequisites and post-requisites to qualifying as a PADI Trimix Instructor.

If you are a PADI Tec Deep Instructor and a PADI Tec Trimix (or qualifying certification) with a minimum of 200 logged dives including at least 20 decompression dives, with a minimum of 10 made on Trimix deeper than 40mt/130ft, then you qualify to enroll in the PADI Trimix Instructor course

  • Be a renewed PADI MSDT (can be post-requisite) in teaching status who has also completed the PADI Tec Deep Instructor course
  • Be certified as a PADI Trimix Diver or have a qualifying certification

  • Have assisted with at least 1 Trimix course or simulated course (can be a post-requisite)
  • Be 21 years old

  • Have a minimum of 350 logged dives, with at least 50 decompression dives, 30 deeper than 40mt/130ft using trimix as the bottom gas, also at least 10 of these deeper than 50mt/165ft using trimix with less than 21% Oxygen.

  • Have successfully completed the Tec Trimix standards exam and Tec Trimix Instructor theory and practical application exam, which takes place during our Trimix Instructor course.

Students are expected to have the following though we do have equipment for rental by daily rates: 


  • 2 back-gas regulators

  • 2 stage regulators (1 O2 cleaned)

  • 2 Depth gauge/timing device or computer

  • 3 SPG’s (1 O2 clean)

  • Back plate/harness

  • Wings (redundant) with at least 20kg/44lb lift

  • Exposure suit protection (recommended 5mm to 7 mm full length and hood)

  • Slates

  • Surgical tubing (2 meters/7ft)

  • Clips

  • 2 line cutters

  • Reel with lift bag/SMB

PADI Tec Deep/Trimix Instructor courses may also be able to be scheduled on demand outside of these dates. Tec Diver/Trimix courses are also scheduled all year round.

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