Nitrox Instructor
Become an instructor in the #1 PADI Specialty Rating and give your dive career a boost!

In the Enriched Air Instructor course, we’ll teach you the differences in diving with enriched oxygen mixes, how to safely analyze and mark enriched air cylinders, and how to teach this program to other divers.

The PADI Enriched Air specialty is the most popular of all PADI specialty courses, and is now becoming a mainstream of recreational diving. Over 76000 divers have been certified as PADI EANx specialists since its introduction in 1995.

Improve your credentials, marketability and earnings potential with this certification! It’s the only specialty that can be combined with other PADI specialties, making it easy to market. Its optional dives and independent study options appeal to even the most time challenged recreational diver.

We can offer this program as a stand alone course or as part of our PADI IDCs. More than 70% of the professionals we train opt for Enriched Air certification, and many of them go on to become PADI Enriched Air Instructors after taking their PADI IDC with us.