IYT Dive Boat Crew & Operator
MCA Recognized Credentials in Maritime & Boating

This program incorporates everything that a dive boat operator would be required to know from the moment the boat left the dock until its safe return to port and is an amazing compliment to our PADI Divemaster and Instructor courses, and the course while dive boat specific, contains the necessary knowledge for operators to obtain various certificates of competency (COCs) issued by IYT Worldwide on behalf of the British Maritime and Coast guard Agency (MCA) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The MCA boating qualifications are the most internationally recognized qualifications in the world and have, over the past ten years become the de facto world standards.

Upon completion of the IYT Dive Boat Crew course and individual would have earned MCA certificates in:

  • VHF radio operator (MCA compliant/recognized)
  • Powerboat/RIB Master (MCA compliant/recognized)
  • Yacht Deck Crew (MCA compliant/recognized)
  • IYT Dive Boat Crew certification
  • A component of basic ‘General Engineering Knowledge’ (GEK) will also be completed.

The IYT/PADI Dive Boat Crew is offered each month at Utila Dive Centre and for candidates on our PADI Divemaster course and Instructor internships, and also as a stand alone program for already qualified PADI Divemasters and Instructors.

The majority of our candidates qualify to take the IYT Dive boat crew program during the same time as their Divemaster course, and we encourage and highly recommend e-learning prior to arriving on Utila. Candidates will learn a very broad range of maritime and nautical theory and motor skills including driving boats, which serve as a foundation to gain further experience and sea time under the direct supervision of a licensed Captain and work towards earning a Coxswain/Captains license.

Capabilities: Crew on board a dive vessel. Captain a dive vessel under the supervision of a Diveboat Coxswain or higher certified captain.

Course components:

  • General engineering overview
  • VHF radio operations
  • IYT powerboat coastal skipper/ ICC
  • Diveboat safety & operations (DOS) PADI approved with topics covering:
  • Dive crew safety & competency
  • Dive & snorkeling safety and competency
  • Organization and risk management procedures in planning dive charters
  • Special equipment for divers required on board
  • Site selection and overview of relationship between surface and underwater conditions
  • Dive site briefings
  • Drift diving/ live pick up considerations
  • Supervision – roles, responsibilities and procedures
  • Diver accounting procedures and safety logs
  • Dive vessel emergency and rescue procedures
  • On-board gas blending management and storage

The IYT/PADI Diveboat Crew is the ideal program for the entry level mariner and PADI  Divemaster and Instructor. This certification allows the holder to crew on board a dive vessel and gain sea time and training as captain under the supervision of a Diveboat Operator or higher, and we integrate this training with our PADI Divemaster course (and for already certified Instructors during our MSDT internships) and this can be completed during the 4 week program.  All candidates complete the IYT DiveBoat mate e-learning prior to starting the course, and receive additional class sessions at Utila Dive Centre and workshops, and during the course practical boat driving exercises are conducted under the direct supervision of our Captains, including mooring/docking. This program is valuable for anyone wishing to work on dive vessels, super yachts, live-aboards and the student who completes this certification will also receive the MCA (British Maritime & Coastguard association) small Powerboat/RIB Master which certifies them to run tenders global

Utila Dive Centre and Utila are the perfect location for this training, with 6 licensed vessels for carrying passengers and dive crew, our own on-site dock in a protected harbor for practicing maneuvers, marine park and mooring posts, and calm conditions with daily boat trips scheduled.

Please contact us on gopro@utiladivecenter.com for scheduling, costs and enrollment, Contact us for more information and we encourage early enrollment as we have very limited spaces on these programs with just 4 places each month for the IYT Dive Boat Crew course.  E-learning is to be completed in advance and you can download   these practical boat handling exercises to be conducted during the program, and really advance your dive career.

Operator Course
Earn an IYT Operator certification and the Oceans really are unlimited!

Earning a Operator license is a great achievement for dive professionals, and is the beginning of a second career and professional qualification and enhances a dive professionals employability.  The IYT/PADI Diveboat Operator Certificate is the command rating for a IYT Diveboat Crew who has completed the necessary seatime and experience of 180 days at sea (1 day = 4 hour boat trip), however for individuals who do not have the formal IYT Dive Boat Crew certification, but can have a Captain/Boat owner verify 180 days as professional crew, then they can still enter the Operator course based on experience. The syllabus expands on the depth of knowledge presented in the Dive Boat Crew program and is equivalent to what others in the industry call ‘Yachtmaster’, once the candidate has also completed the STCW95 course then the Operator converts to a Masters 80 tonne.

Capabilities: Command of a vessel and crew up to 80ft/24m up to 20 miles offshore


Course components:

  1. IYT Powerboat Master Coastal
  2. ICC <24m/80ft Powerboat Coastal
  3. DOS – Diveboat Safety & Operations (if entering program as an experienced operator)

Experienced Diveboat Operators who have not acquired a recognized nautical credential or have a non-IYT certificate can enter this course provided they have proof of adequate sea time and experience.

The MCA boating qualifications are the most internationally recognized qualifications in the world and have, over the past ten years become the de facto world standards. N. B. These courses are by no means meant to replace any certification or licensing that may be required (by law) in the various flag state maritime jurisdictions worldwide.

Utila Dive Centre is the perfect facility to gain your Operator license, with a fleet of 6 licensed vessels for carrying passengers and dive crew, and with our own on-site docking area, bay and harbour for practice maneuvers, and dive trips scheduled every day to dive sites with mooring posts, and with drift dives, this is the perfect facility and location to gain experience and a maritime certification.

Please contact us on gopro@utiladivecenter.com for course dates, prices and scheduling, as a 10 day Coxswains course is scheduled each month.  We encourage early enrollment as we have just 4 places each month for the IYT Captain/Coxswains course.  E-learning is completed prior to the start of the course, please see the following link for practical skills and exercises to be conducted and verified during the course.

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