Ryu Lippmann

I’m a 28 year old young Aussie who loves life, exploring the world, and having new experiences with different people, different animals, and different locations and situations.

After doing my PADI Open Water course in 2014, I became addicted to diving, and completed my PADI Divemaster program in 2015 in Komodo, Indonesia with Blue Marlin Dive Center. That was an amazing experience where I had many great experiences diving, preparing gear, meeting people, and sharing an amazing, envigorating, eye-opening hobby with different people.
This was during a break in my studies. In 2017 I completed my university studies, achieving a combined Bachelor degree in Engineering and Mathematics.
However, when I finished my studies, my experience in the diving industry had changed my perspective on life, and my life path. I could not look for Engineering jobs, I had a hunger to be involved with the marine environment, make a positive impact, and share my love for the ocean and marine life.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

In my final year of Engineering studies, I was required to undertake a major work capstone project and submit a thesis. My passion for diving was linked with my concern for marine life and the natural environment which is threatened in the current world. Undertaking a meaningful major work was the only option for me if I was going to keep up the motivation to complete it. My thesis topic was designing a regenerative reef that was powered by a water turbine, driven by an underwater current. This was designed for Gili Eco Trust, Indonesia, in an area where there are strong currents. I was awarded a Distinction for the thesis project.

After graduating, I volunteered with Sea Shepherd Global as an Engineer in the Engine Room onboard the Steve Irwin ship. In my 3 months onboard the ship, I dedicated blood, sweat and tears as a passionate supporter of marine conservation in my efforts towards direct action. Through this, I met many amazing people from all over the world who were all passionate, and willing to put their lives towards making a positive contribution.

The captain on the Steve told me about a project that he was running through a university. The focus of this project was to restore the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest living structure and one of the seven wonders of the world. Being Australian, I was very interested in this and was driven to be part of the project to put my efforts towards this great cause.

I am now undertaking a PhD in Mathematics as a part pf this Reef Restoration Program. This is a true blessing to be contributing to the improvement of the natural marine world, with many animals lives at stake, whilst using my skills and strengths in a project that I am so passionate about.
This is how I am being the difference – by synthesising my passion, career, skills, interests into one course of action for the next 4 years, and beyond!

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