Melanie Jade

Born in Australia, I live and breath Marine Conservation for the preservation of our precious Cetaceans. I’m a just a sandy haired, blue eyed, nautical girl, living in the blue world of seaweed and pearls. Given the chance, I’d utilise the the dance of all the living creatures from whale sharks to nudibrancs. I’ll arrive early every day with a smile on my face. Friendly outgoing with a little bit of humour flowing, I’m the divemaster Utila needs to keep the Marine Tourism industry growing!

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

I’m making a difference where it’s needed most. After natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and fires I have been a strong digital marketing coordinator, an active, passionate and informative tour guide and a motivator to the business owners who have suffered from severe damages to the natural environment.

The education I have completed for Tourism and conservation was at Sydney’s Taronga Conservation Society and Training Institute. Along with volunteer services for local council, Australian Marine Conservation Society and SeaShepard.
With SSI dive certifications I began diving in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef where I experienced my first natural disaster, Tropical Cyclone Debbie, a category 4.5 storm that devastated the reef, surrounding islands and townships. The opportunity to regrow a region after a natural disaster stirs a passion in me that is deeper than the Mariana trench.
I am now a PADI divemaster and work on Montague Island with Australian Fur Seals, Port Jackson and Grey Nurse sharks at my side.
I’d love to share my passion skills and techniques for survival and business growth with the Utila Dive Centre.

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