John Furst

My name is John Furst, I am 34 years old and was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Three and a half years ago I decided to change my life and moved to Utila after visiting for multiple years. I did my Open Water and Advanced at UDC when I first arrived on the island. Now I am currently working as a Divemaster in Utila, and planning on doing my IDC as soon as I am able to. I am looking forward on continuing my career in diving.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

Being the difference.
For me being the difference is not only a one subject thing. Being the difference is a daily task, a life style.
Trying to be better every single day, setting an example, smiling more to everybody, being more conscious about our eco system, caring more about living and enjoying life and leaving a positive impact to your surroundings.
I am always proactive in my briefings to my divers to be respectful with marine life and good diving habits as good buoyancy and respect the creatures in their natural habitat.
I also promote the use of reef safe sunscreen and encourage sustainable choices refusing to single use plastic.
I am also a true believer of being nice and kind to people, with a simple smile you can make somebody’s day!

Being the difference is giving your best always no matter what you are doing.

This is how I am being the difference.

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