Fun diving in Cayos Cochinos!

At Utila Dive Centre we organize special trips to visit other beautiful areas around the Bay Islands at least once a month.  Of the smaller Bay Islands, Cayos Cochinos is the perfect tropical getaway with spectacular diving, it has 13 small cays that host a friendly community that welcome tourists to their precious home.

The first stop of the voyage is at Roatan Banks, a seamount starting at 12 meters/40 ft, with currents that bring lots of nutrients attracting marine life. It’s common to see large schools of fish surrounding you, turtles, nurse sharks and occasionally reef sharks and other surprises.

Pelican Point is the other popular site for diving that we usually visit, a deep wall where coral life and fish are abundant, as well as commonly spotting sharks. This is usually a drift dive ending on a shallow reef top overlooking the mountains.

After these 2 great dives it’s time to eat! Our final destination is Cay Chachauate, where we are greeted with the famous coconut drinks and food ready at the table upon arrival. After a few hours of relaxing, swimming, selfies and fun, we depart back home; during the journey we often have surprise visits from dolphins swimming along the boats and whale shark encounters. Finally we arrive at our dock in time for sunset.

Package includes dives, transportation, lunch, snacks, drinks, entry fees and all tax. Contact us for details. 

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