Cayla Neil

HI! It’s Me, Cayla!! Just a little bit about me… I’m 29 years old and I live in VIVA LAS VEGAS. But let us start at the beginning… Born in northern Utah but grew up from the time I was 8 till I was 22 in BEAUTIFUL southern Utah. I am a child of 11. That’s right 11; no not all from 1 set of parents/ I have 1 full blooded, 3 half, and 6 step siblings!!! And now 10 nieces and nephews… Utah families, am I right! Growing up in Southern Utah and having the most amazing Mother-Carrie and Step Father-Scott, I grew up with a deep love and passion for the outdoors. Between camping in snow storms or hiking in some of the most remote areas of Utah, have bred me into the adrenaline junkie and world traveler that I am today. I moved to Las Vegas in 2013- to be closer to my brothers who started their own little families, and the warmer weather. People ask all the time; how did I get into diving while living in the desert? Here’s how it all went down. Scott- my Dad, has his cert, and had been BEGGING me to get mine, so that way when we all went to Hawaii for their wedding we could go diving! Just soooooooo happens… that my really good friend, Chris- is an instructor! Thanks to him, I was able to get Open Water and Advanced certified in no time! But it didn’t stop there, I couldn’t stop, to be honest. I have fallen absolutely in LOVE with diving!

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

Keeping the focus on fun and having a can-do attitude combined with 10 yrs of recognized and awarded customer service… I genuinely care about the wellness and happiness of everyone I meet along my journey. I go through life with a light in my eyes; it’s because I have a song in my heart and smile on my face. Striving to make a difference by setting an example of enthusiasm, kindness, and passion within my community. I’m attentive and conscience about our Mother Earth and the environment- knowing that it is My responsibility as an advanced species (and the cause of so much destruction and debris) to recycle-refurbish and minimize waste. I am always one of the first to dive right in and help out by cleaning up trash along a hiking trail or on a dive site- I want keep my playground clean and clear. Supporting green energy and proactive programs such as “Painting the Mountain Green” and “Green Fest” -one of our annual celebration on Earth Day here in Las Vegas. I am eager to work with the Utila Dive Center and lead by example just like Andy had. I will show you that I am the difference, by the way I lead, by the way I interact, by the way I can influence this community on land or sea. I strive every way in every day to make this world a bit brighter by bringing out the best in others around me. I am excited to bring a sense of passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, and love for the learning and of diving to others while also advancing my own education of scuba. It would be an honor and a privilege to be accepted into the Utila Dive Family.

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