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Utila Dive Center now offers a new and incredible opportunity for you to dive into the world of underwater photography and film production. We developed a program that allows you to develop the skills needed to shoot professional-grade photography and video in some of Utila's most stunning dive-sites accompanied by diverse wildlife and under [...]

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Here at UDC, we are passionate about the marine environment. As divers, we are ambassadors of the aquatic realm and it is our duty to advocate for marine conservation awareness. With that in mind, we developed this program.  Want to learn about the underwater environment, the obstacles it faces, and the ways you [...]


Authorized ScubaPro Resort Equipment Technician

Authorized ScubaPro Resort Equipment Technician We are the exclusive Scubapro technician training facility in the Bay Islands. Now in addition to offering all our PADI Divemaster and Instructor candidates the option of the Equipment specialty class that focuses on care and basic maintenance, we can also offer a manufacturer [...]

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Recreational Whether you want to discover the amazing underwater world that SCUBA diving can introduce you to, or you are looking to earn your highest rating as a recreational diver... Utila Dive Centre has the facilities and the resources to suit everybody's needs. From the Discover Scuba Diving experience to the [...]



PADI Rebreather (CCR) Utila Dive Centre is once again the leader in the regional dive industry as the first dive center and resort to offer PADI closed circuit rebreather training for all divers through our PADI Career Development Center. Some of the benefits of diving with a closed circuit rebreather [...]


Technical Diving

GoTEC with Utila Dive Centre Technical Diving team and explore a new, deeper, exciting world. With the perfect mix of the most qualifed instructors in the industry and the perfect location for deepwater discovery, Utila Dive Center is the best choice for your TEC Diving education. Experience the extreme side of diving [...]

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Utila Dive Center has the facilities and the resources to suit everybody's needs. From the Discover Scuba Diving experience to the Master Scuba Diver rating, our professional, experienced and friendly staff can provide you with the expert instruction that you need to make scuba diving as fun, safe and educational as possible. [...]

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