Breanna Cheatham

Growing up I’ve always loved the water so it’s no surprise I fell in love with diving. For the past 3 years I’ve been solo traveling all over the world doing odd jobs here and there not really having a purpose until now. I’ve been diving for a little over 3 years recreationally, but in November I crossed over to the professional side of the diving world and it was the best decision I could have made.

Getting to share my passion with people from all over has been amazing but I need to take it to the next level. With your vote I have the chance to win a free PADI instructor development course that will further my career in what I love.

Completing my dive master training with one of the top career development centers in the world was an incredible experience. I also had the opportunity to study under the amazing Suzy Phipps the marine biologist at UDC. During my internship I was able to help with the coral restoration project where we were providing coral with a safe place to grow and then be re-planted back on the surrounding reef. I also conducted monitoring surveys of target fish species, coral health and much more. Unfortunately I also learned about many threats we are imposing on these vital creatures and the impact it is having on our beautiful oceans.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

Since my training at udc I have moved to Florida and am working as a divemaster. I make it a goal on every excursion to spread awareness and get people thinking about some of these issues our oceans are facing. In my personal life I have made some changes for example I am working on cutting down my carbon foot print by walking or biking to my destinations. I have also cut out all sea food and meet in my diet. I refuse plastics everywhere where possible and plan on participating in as many monthly dive against debris events as I can with our neighboring dive shop.

These opportunities of getting my divemaster and studying about our environment were incredible but it was just the first step. If I win I want to take my diving to the next level while continuing my education in marine science. I plan on working on more coral restoration projects and continuing to gather useful data for research databases around the world. I also want to continue cutting out plastic use in my own life and in my communities along with spreading the word about sustainable resources. Last but not least I hope to instill the same level of enthusiasm for my love of the ocean with every diver I get the chance to meet.

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