Andrea Carolina Chiong Merlo

I want to star wishing you guys a Happy New Year, my name is Andrea, I am Honduran, 30 years old, i used to work as a TV Hostess and Producer in my country until 2018, one day i went to Utila to be part of one production movie “In the Light” in july 2016, i had to be there for one week, the last 3 days I meet this guys who can’t stop to talk about how love dive, and how he got all his courses in the island at Utila Dive Center.

Also we talk about life, we enjoy the beaches, we went to Sandy Key to spend some fun day with his friend who also are part of my family (cousins).
it was love at first sight, his name is Jeremy Dick and we are currently married, he introduced me to the world of diving, has been an incredible experience.

I did my Open Water course in Trawagan Dive in Indonesia 2018.
Advanced, Enriched Air, Rescue, EFR-CPR 2019 with Jeremy because we work together on a live aboard boat in Hawaii, at the end of the last year I got my Dive Master with South Beach Dive and Surf in Miami, and now and try to continue to the next level.

One of the reasons because I love dive is because I help people to create memories underwater, and enjoy their vacations when we are outside just chilling at the boat, but what most like is that I can share to the world the relevance about our oceans.

A couple years ago I worked with United Nations in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in this campaign Climate Actions and Life Below Water was my designation and this change my vision, giving me information on how we can be more aware about marine life and how we can integrate others into this mission to protect our natural resources.

I want to BE THE DIFFERENCE, teaching as a professional participating in this challenge.

How I’m being the difference?

How i´m being different?

Each week I have the blessing to be apart of the great adventures and vacations for guests who visit us at the Kona Aggressor II, in Hawaii.

I work on a liveaboard boat as a Divemaster, Videographer, and Stewardess.
This allows me the opportunity to share and enjoy the scuba diving world with amazing guests, but also with experienced instructors who have helped me develop the skills needed to be a role model as a professional diver.

My friends and co-workers received their instructor certifications with Utila Dive Center and speak very highly about your programs. This is why it is my goal to take my Open Water Scuba Instructor course with you. Besides, I am Honduran, and this inspires me to continue telling all the people I know that there is a beautiful island in my country that is a world-class destination for diving with the best preparation center where they can turn their passion into a career.

I also want to honor the memory of Andy. I had the opportunity to meet him in September, 2018, when my husband and I traveled to Utila. He was my husband’s friend and Course Director.

At that time, I only had my Open Water certification and I was going through a moment of dissatisfaction with my old job as a TV hostess. Andy advised, “Stop giving broad media news. You can produce content on how we can save the oceans. You can BE THE DIFFERENCE”.

His words motivated me to leave my comfort zone and understand that the more people we show others the value of our seas, the more WE CAN contribute to PRESERVE the MARINE KINGDOM and the health of OUR PLANET.

I want to say congratulations on your initiative and kindly ask for your approval to participate in this challenge.

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